Hold on tight to your dreams and goals

If you have the right attitude then all things are possible

Financial advice It’s not just about money. It’s about your entire life



These are the qualities that separate Steven Hallam and Pegasus Planning from the pack.

With experience across 3 different industries including 20 years in financial services, a business owner and investor I practise what I preach to my clients.

Located on the Gold Coast but with clients based in Europe, Asia, and Australasia this might sound impressive. However, they are all mum and dad’s working towards improving their Financial Lives.


“My Advice is designed to help you make better, clearer and more informed choices.”

Welcome to Pegasus Planning

It’s not just about money. It’s about your entire life. Our advice is designed to help you make better, clearer more informed choices.

Life is about trade-offs. Your financial life is the sum total of your decisions about money.

My quality advice empowers you to make clearer, more informed and more honest choices. When you can make better choices, you can have the financial life you want.

Helping you turn dreams into actions

The wheel of life starts with a ripple and that ripple is simply having a dream, only then can we start the journey of creating your goals.

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Who am I?

My service philosophy

Over the years we have provided our services to many different people.

We felt an obligation to provide our services to those who asked for help. One of the issues with this approach is that our resources were stretched and our service levels faltered.

After many years in business, I have learned that I can’t be all things to all people without compromising some aspects of our services.

This is why I have now deliberately identified the type of person that would most benefit from a relationship with my business.

Importantly, my ideal client characteristics are not based on how much money you have, what you do or your stage of life.

If you have the right attitude then all things are possible.



Our ideal client is someone who

I can add value to,

Is open to advice, possible change and new ideas

Recognises the value of advice,

Will communicate openly,

Be accountable to yourself, your family and your plan.

Is willing to pay for advice

Have challenges that I can help with,

Wants a relationship not just a transaction

Is enjoyable to work with

Will help us grow our business by referring other ideal clients

Our conversations

If you think that this is what you are looking for and the type of person (or people) you are then we should meet to discuss how we can work together.

Naturally, if this profile is not you, then we should discuss your expectations and determine the best way to proceed. This is what the initial meeting is all about.

We do not seek perfection, only progress.



Advice areas

include but

are not

limited to

Cash Flow Management – Goals Based Accountability Program

Investing – Wealth Creation

Wealth & Family Protection – Insurance

Superannuation – Retirement Planning

Superannuation Pension – Retirement Income

Mortgage Elimination Strategies

SMSF advice

Business Succession Planning

For the serious stuff, I have a team of technical specialists, business coaches, accountants,
legal advisers, finance specialists and other professionals
from whom I can gather information and resources that adds value to the way I give advice for which you ultimately benefit.

Testimonials & Case Studies